Landing Page Should Fulfil the Promise of the Ad

Generally you make a promise in the ad. You offer some free ebook or whitepaper download. Or may be offer a 30 days free trial account. Whatever you offer, your landing page must fulfill this promise. And it should highlight this fact prominently. If you don’t, your website visitor feels cheated and thinks you are […]

Landing Page Friction to Control Lead Volume

When you use Adwords or any other PPC program for generating leads, form size plays a vital role in controlling your lead volume. I am often asked “Shall we have more fields or less in the lead generation form?” My answer is simple – “It depends”. When you are just starting out and have few […]

Correcting Fatal Adwords Mistake Decreases CPC from $5.15 to $0.41

Fatal mistake: Setting the destination URL of your Adwords ads as your home page where the keyword you chose does not even appear! Simple solution: Have the destination URL contain your targeted keyword a couple of times. Here’s how it works– I was recently reviewing a new client’s Adwords campaign for locating improvement possibilities and realized […]