Remarketing Increases ROI of Adwords

Are you advertising with Adwords but not happy with the ROI? People are clicking on your ads but not opting in for your demo or newsletter? May be they need to see your message more number of times. But how do you get them back to your site?

Remarketing is the answer. Here is the plan:

1. Setup a remarketing list on Google Adwords called all visitors. This list will contain all the people who have visited your site. You can directly form this list if you use Google Analytics or you can create a tracking pixel and insert it in your site code.

2. Setup a Google display Network campaign which shows your ads to this remarketing list only. The CPC in this can be as low as 10% or 20% of your regular ad CPC. You should add graphic ads in this campaign in different sizes recommended by Google.

The message in this ad should relate to the landing page for maximum impact.

WedPlan uses the remarketing strategy to get more prospects in its leads pipeline and has lowered the cost per lead by 55%.

Once you apply this strategy, you will see more and more people coming back to your site and the lead volume will go up while reducing the per lead cost.

Note: For even better results, you should reconfigure your remarketing list to exclude people who have already opted in (visited the thank you page).


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