Adwords for Mobile Websites and Web Apps

You might have noticed already that a growing number of people are now accessing the Internet from their mobile phones. They are searching for information about services, locating restaurants and hotels, checking weather and doing many other things.

If you want to reach these people with your sales message, consider using Adwords for mobiles. It is available right there, in your control panel in the content network section. You have the flexibility to really focus your campaign based on the type of devices, networks and location. This helps you to reach out to the relevant people only.

However you must be careful to avoid an important mistake made by most of the advertisers. When they create their ads for the mobile users, they send the clicks to a regular web page only. When the user clicks the ad, they land up on a web site that does not render well on their tiny screens and bail out, wasting your precious advertising dollars.

It is important to have a mobile version of the landing page so that the entire lead generation process can be completed on the mobile friendly screens only. The webile people design landing pages for mobiles – feel free to contact them if you want to get started with improving the response rates from your mobile ad campaigns.