Landing Page Friction to Control Lead Volume

When you use Adwords or any other PPC program for generating leads, form size plays a vital role in controlling your lead volume. I am often asked “Shall we have more fields or less in the lead generation form?” My answer is simple – “It depends”.

When you are just starting out and have few leads to handle and enough resources (callers, salespeople), you should strive to get as many leads as possible. Some leads will be junk, some will be borderline cases (need more work to convert) and some will be more qualified (sales-ready). However your sales team will be busy and they may even be able to convert some of the borderline cases resulting in higher sales.

In these situations, you should ask the bare minimum number of questions in the form to increase the form-completion rate.

However when you have got busier and do not want to waste your valuable and scarce sales resources on junk or less-probable leads, you should turn the dial a bit and ask for a few qualifying questions in the lead form, as is being done by this Atlanta Web design company. This will improve the lead quality as tire-kickers won’t bother to fill up your detailed forms. This will help the sales team to close more cases more quickly and will protect them from unduly following up the hardly interested prospects.

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