Keyword Matching Tool Updated to match PPC Classroom Launch

Anik Singhal has launched his PPC Classroom 2.0 and to coincide with his launch, we have updated our must-have-for-PPC keyword tool.

As you might know, it is very important to use all the 3 types of matching, the exact match, the phrase match and the broad match for your keywords in the Adwords campaigns so that you can get the best quality score and high click-through rate (CTR). You can now provide your basic set of keywords and (optionally) a set of modifiers like location (New York, California etc) or action (buy, get, download) or others (how to, where, what is) and get all types of permutations and combinations of keywords.

As an example, let us start with this set of keywords:
web design
web designing

Also we have offices in Florida and Dallas.

We are trying to attract people looking for web design but not those who want free or samples. Now if we apply this keywords tool, we will get this new set:
Florida web design
Dallas web design
Florida web designing
Dallas web designing
web design Florida
web design Dallas
web designing Florida
web designing Dallas
“Florida web design”
“Dallas web design”
“Florida web designing”
“Dallas web designing”
“web design Florida”
“web design Dallas”
“web designing Florida”
“web designing Dallas”
[Florida web design]
[Dallas web design]
[Florida web designing]
[Dallas web designing]
[web design Florida]
[web design Dallas]
[web designing Florida]
[web designing Dallas]

Imagine the amount of time you will save on creating the combinations as well as savings you will generate because so many more keywords will be exactly matched, reducing the Cost-per-click (CPC).

Please post your experience with using this useful tool by posting a comment below.

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