Perry Marshall Announces His Adwords Coaching Program

Perry Marshall is the most-renowned Adwords expert and coach. If you are looking to master the Adwords system and make money selling your own products or an affiliate program, you can’t get a better deal than this Adwords & Traffic Conversion Coaching Program – a 12 week intensive program.

Starting on Tuesday September 30, 2008, Parry and team will be teaching you the Unlimited Traffic Technique, the Traffic Conversion Anvil and the 95/5 rule – and they will even assail your Google campaigns with all their top strategies.

And he does not stop at Adwords. True success with these systems means you are taking full advantage of landing pages, opt-ins, autoresponders and upsells and all of these are covered.

Add a special training on utilizing the social marketing skills for growing your arsenal of winning techniques and you will understand, how can Perry afford to offer a really outrageous guarantee – "If you’re accepted as a team member in my 12 week ‘Bobsled Run’ and if you complete the homework assignments, you’ll recoup your tuition by December 2008 (through AdWords cost savings and increased sales), and you will make at least $25K more in 2009 than you would have without my help, or your money back."

Who can join?

Not every one. You have to check out if you qualify. You have to submit an application form and see if you are accepted in the program. If you do, you know what benefits await you.

Get started by watching this video or visit the main site directly.

Don’t forget: **Online Class Starts Tuesday September 30 at 8:00am Central**


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