Correcting Fatal Adwords Mistake Decreases CPC from $5.15 to $0.41

Fatal mistake: Setting the destination URL of your Adwords ads as your home page where the keyword you chose does not even appear!

Simple solution: Have the destination URL contain your targeted keyword a couple of times. Here’s how it works–

I was recently reviewing a new client’s Adwords campaign for locating improvement possibilities and realized that one ad group is costing him  $5.15 per click. Whoa! Sounded like too much for this keyword. On close inspection, I found that he is sending the visitors to the home page. What? No special landing page!

Wait, there’s more to this. When I visited that home page, I had another shock waiting for me. This page had absolutely no reference to the term he has targeted. But why would he do that? When I asked him, he replied: "This product is also called by this name in some countries."

After editing the home page copy to include a couple of references to this new term also, we saved the campaign and by the next day, we saw the cost-per-click drop to 41 cents. Yes, straight from $5.15 to 41 cents. Just because the destination page now became more relevant for this term.

Are you doing the same fatal mistake? Visit your Adwords campaign now to locate such moneysuckers and kill them.