Keywords Tool Saves You Tons of Money on Adwords – FREE To Use

Did you know that small changes in your keywords strategy at Adwords can save you tons of money? Adding some variations of your basic keywords to the list of keywords in your ad group can increase the focus of the ad group, reduce your cost per click and help you identify the terms which you should focus on. Let us understand this with an example:

Say you are advertising on adwords tool (keyword 1). Now if you add 2 more keywords – "adwords tool" (keyword 2) and [adwords tool] (keyword 3) to your keyword list, you will find that the matches have been segregated among the three.

When people search for the exact term – adwords tool, they are put under the keyword 3. Similarly when the terms adwords and tool appear in the exact order and next to each other (as in adwords tool download), they are put under the 2nd keyword. For all other terms like adwords improvement tool, the terms are matched with the keyword 1. This can get you more accurate statistics and a better CTR  for the exact match because those searchers will find your ads to be really relevant, lowering your cost per click.

Now if you are having several keywords in your ad group, you will find it very time consuming to create the 3 variations for each term. Don’t worry, you are welcome to use our FREE Adwords tool to create the variations for each term automatically with no effort. Just copy and paste the basic keywords list in the left column, tick on the required options and click on Generate. You will get the big list with all combos ready to copy-paste in your Adwords campaign.

Please leave a comment if you use it and like it or have suggestions for improvement. The tool does many more things which we will be discussing in the next few posts.