Google Launches Website Optimizer

Google has launched the beta version of Website Optimizer, its experiment in landing page optimization with multi-variate testing.

This note from their site says it all:

We’re looking for Advertisers who want to test variations of marketing content on their landing pages to see which version results in increased conversions for their website. If landing page optimization is one of your company’s priorities, if you have a clearly defined goal (e.g. sign-up for a newsletter, checkout for purchase, or download of a whitepaper) on your website, and you can create and approve marketing content in a relatively short period of time, this beta test may be a good fit for you.

Naturally, this program is for existing Adwords advertisers only. They will suggest various sets of headline/copy/call-to-action etc and once you have implemented these, the results will give a hint about the set that is getting the best conversion.

If you are using Adwords regularly, it is worth trying it out and see what tricks Google has up its sleeves.

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