ProjectX: Should You Buy Another Affiliate Marketing Book?

If you have bought a few Affiliate marketing books, you must have noticed the pattern. Get a nice introduction promising a great lifestyle, discuss some tips rehashed from here and there, squeeze in references to some high priced products and bingo!

Aren’t you sick reading these sales letters disguised as informative ebooks? Well I am 🙂

When I bought Chris McNeeney’s Affiliate Project X, I was thinking “…must be another of those rehashed stuff and I will either dump it after one read or ask for a refund if it is really that useless. But the salesletter looked different and that made me give it a try at least.”

The book was quite compact at 50 pages and Chris made it clear that he was not going to explain what affiliate marketing was and all that. Good – who needs definitions anyway!

However soon I got hooked and decided that I might need to make lots of notes, so it is better that I printed the thing out. When I reached page 11, the ‘Leech’ method really drew me in. I have been doing this for sometime now but after reading his explanation, I realised how I was doing it all wrong. OK – so that is the reason I am getting only moderate results.

On to Method 2 on page 18: “The Affiliate diary” Yes this is the trick I am seeing all the new age marketers using. I want to implement this for myself but haven’t got around to doing this because I think it is going to take a lot of my time to set up. With Chris’s detailed instructions, I can see how to do this fast and strong. Another action point.

Hmmm – things are really hotting up. All those thoughts of a possible refund have evaporated and my mind is buzzing with action-plans.

Wait till you see the ‘Workhorse method‘ on page 27. Step-by-step guide – exactly what you should be doing to generate a long-term income on auto-pilot.

Then I got a nice chuckle – page 34 discusses “Thief in the Night” or… “how to steal from the super affiliates“. This is a short and quick mention – nothing very detailed here. But easily actionable.

On to method 5 – “Copy the best Part 2” on page 36. This is adapted from Chris’s Adwords Miracle (another great guide on getting success with Google Adwords) and talks about keyword research with the help of Keyword Elite.

Method 6: The “Opportunist” method – the newest products always convert best – specially if the product launch is massive. How can you get your share of the pie? Read this tip starting on page 39 and you will have light bulbs glowing.

And I haven’t even told you about the Part 3 which talks about “Advanced tricks of the affiliates“.

As you can see, I was pleasantly surprised to see so much content was covered in 50 pages and after reading the Affiliate ProjectX 2 times, jumped on to implement a few of them (in fact, this blog post is motivated by one of the techniques Chris discusses).

While I was taking a breather after having setup a new campaign, I thought it will be an injustice to not tell you about this. However if you don’t run to pick up the guide right away, others will be setting up the campaigns you should have and they will be raking in all the money while you read around and wonder what is causing your lack of success.

Want to grab a copy for yourself – why don’t you head over to Affiliate ProjectX right now? You can thank me later 🙂