The Death of Adsense: Scot Releases a Highly Controversial Report

Scot Boulch has released a highly controversial report and titled it “The Death of Adsense“. Now as an Adsense publisher and one who loves to blog about Adsense, I could not help but read it. Is he correct? Has Adsense really died?

I do agree that several people are reporting major downslides in their Adsense revenues – and this includes reputed Internet marketers who know Adsense inside out. What about you? Are you holding on or you have also been hit. Whichever way it won’t hurt to download and read this report – it contains no upsell.

The report is here.

Added: I tend to agree with Joel Comm, author of Adsense Secrets that those who are building scraper sites and sites with Traffic Equalizer, Directory Generator and other such software, are the hardest hit.