Google Tightens Landing Page Guidelines

Google today announced that it has tightened its landing page guidelines and Adwords advertisers whose landing pages are not targeted enough will have to pay a penalty – the minimum bidsgo up for them. On an average, your ads will cost more if they at all show up.

What should you do?

Improve your landing pages immediately. There are a few simple guidelines which can improve your performance almost right away –

1. Don’t send visitors to your home page unless you are selling a single product. Create separate ad groups for various products and send the visitors to the specific page where you are promoting that item. This was important earlier also – now the defaulters will have to pay through their nose for being careless.

2. Create an affective landing page that converts well. This will improve your Return on Investment (RoI) in a big way. The landing page should be a continuation of the ad message and not something entirely different. The visitors should be made to feel that they have come to the right place – within a few seconds. See this book on landing page design for excellent tips.