Landing Page Should Fulfil the Promise of the Ad

Generally you make a promise in the ad. You offer some free ebook or whitepaper download. Or may be offer a 30 days free trial account. Whatever you offer, your landing page must fulfill this promise. And it should highlight this fact prominently.

If you don’t, your website visitor feels cheated and thinks you are indulging in bait and switch. The visitor will bail out as soon as possible costing you a lead. Not only that, Google thinks you have a poor landing page and slaps you with poor quality score resulting in higher cost per click.

If need be, you can create several landing pages, each with a different message that is in sync with the ad that brings him there.

This simple change is bound to increase your website’s performance by several notches. Try it.

Remarketing Increases ROI of Adwords

Are you advertising with Adwords but not happy with the ROI? People are clicking on your ads but not opting in for your demo or newsletter? May be they need to see your message more number of times. But how do you get them back to your site?

Remarketing is the answer. Here is the plan:

1. Setup a remarketing list on Google Adwords called all visitors. This list will contain all the people who have visited your site. You can directly form this list if you use Google Analytics or you can create a tracking pixel and insert it in your site code.

2. Setup a Google display Network campaign which shows your ads to this remarketing list only. The CPC in this can be as low as 10% or 20% of your regular ad CPC. You should add graphic ads in this campaign in different sizes recommended by Google.

The message in this ad should relate to the landing page for maximum impact.

WedPlan uses the remarketing strategy to get more prospects in its leads pipeline and has lowered the cost per lead by 55%.

Once you apply this strategy, you will see more and more people coming back to your site and the lead volume will go up while reducing the per lead cost.

Note: For even better results, you should reconfigure your remarketing list to exclude people who have already opted in (visited the thank you page).


Adwords for Mobile Websites and Web Apps

You might have noticed already that a growing number of people are now accessing the Internet from their mobile phones. They are searching for information about services, locating restaurants and hotels, checking weather and doing many other things.

If you want to reach these people with your sales message, consider using Adwords for mobiles. It is available right there, in your control panel in the content network section. You have the flexibility to really focus your campaign based on the type of devices, networks and location. This helps you to reach out to the relevant people only.

However you must be careful to avoid an important mistake made by most of the advertisers. When they create their ads for the mobile users, they send the clicks to a regular web page only. When the user clicks the ad, they land up on a web site that does not render well on their tiny screens and bail out, wasting your precious advertising dollars.

It is important to have a mobile version of the landing page so that the entire lead generation process can be completed on the mobile friendly screens only. The webile people design landing pages for mobiles – feel free to contact them if you want to get started with improving the response rates from your mobile ad campaigns.

Landing Page Friction to Control Lead Volume

When you use Adwords or any other PPC program for generating leads, form size plays a vital role in controlling your lead volume. I am often asked “Shall we have more fields or less in the lead generation form?” My answer is simple – “It depends”.

When you are just starting out and have few leads to handle and enough resources (callers, salespeople), you should strive to get as many leads as possible. Some leads will be junk, some will be borderline cases (need more work to convert) and some will be more qualified (sales-ready). However your sales team will be busy and they may even be able to convert some of the borderline cases resulting in higher sales.

In these situations, you should ask the bare minimum number of questions in the form to increase the form-completion rate.

However when you have got busier and do not want to waste your valuable and scarce sales resources on junk or less-probable leads, you should turn the dial a bit and ask for a few qualifying questions in the lead form, as is being done by this Atlanta Web design company. This will improve the lead quality as tire-kickers won’t bother to fill up your detailed forms. This will help the sales team to close more cases more quickly and will protect them from unduly following up the hardly interested prospects.

Keyword Matching Tool Updated to match PPC Classroom Launch

Anik Singhal has launched his PPC Classroom 2.0 and to coincide with his launch, we have updated our must-have-for-PPC keyword tool.

As you might know, it is very important to use all the 3 types of matching, the exact match, the phrase match and the broad match for your keywords in the Adwords campaigns so that you can get the best quality score and high click-through rate (CTR). You can now provide your basic set of keywords and (optionally) a set of modifiers like location (New York, California etc) or action (buy, get, download) or others (how to, where, what is) and get all types of permutations and combinations of keywords.

As an example, let us start with this set of keywords:
web design
web designing

Also we have offices in Florida and Dallas.

We are trying to attract people looking for web design but not those who want free or samples. Now if we apply this keywords tool, we will get this new set:
Florida web design
Dallas web design
Florida web designing
Dallas web designing
web design Florida
web design Dallas
web designing Florida
web designing Dallas
“Florida web design”
“Dallas web design”
“Florida web designing”
“Dallas web designing”
“web design Florida”
“web design Dallas”
“web designing Florida”
“web designing Dallas”
[Florida web design]
[Dallas web design]
[Florida web designing]
[Dallas web designing]
[web design Florida]
[web design Dallas]
[web designing Florida]
[web designing Dallas]

Imagine the amount of time you will save on creating the combinations as well as savings you will generate because so many more keywords will be exactly matched, reducing the Cost-per-click (CPC).

Please post your experience with using this useful tool by posting a comment below.

Adwords Negative Keywords

As you know, you should include lots of negative match keywords in your keyword lists. You have to think about the terms that will indicate a mismatched prospect type (one who is not probable to buy your product/service). If you can avoid showing your ad on such queries, you can save yourself a nice chunk of wasted advertising dollars.

Recently I came across a huge list of keywords that you can include in your keyword lists as negative match terms. Select the ones that apply to you and save yourself a bundle.

Note: Many of these terms might actually be useful to you and may indicate a higher quality prospect for YOUR products. So check the list carefully before using that.

Perry Marshall Announces His Adwords Coaching Program

Perry Marshall is the most-renowned Adwords expert and coach. If you are looking to master the Adwords system and make money selling your own products or an affiliate program, you can’t get a better deal than this Adwords & Traffic Conversion Coaching Program – a 12 week intensive program.

Starting on Tuesday September 30, 2008, Parry and team will be teaching you the Unlimited Traffic Technique, the Traffic Conversion Anvil and the 95/5 rule – and they will even assail your Google campaigns with all their top strategies.

And he does not stop at Adwords. True success with these systems means you are taking full advantage of landing pages, opt-ins, autoresponders and upsells and all of these are covered.

Add a special training on utilizing the social marketing skills for growing your arsenal of winning techniques and you will understand, how can Perry afford to offer a really outrageous guarantee – "If you’re accepted as a team member in my 12 week ‘Bobsled Run’ and if you complete the homework assignments, you’ll recoup your tuition by December 2008 (through AdWords cost savings and increased sales), and you will make at least $25K more in 2009 than you would have without my help, or your money back."

Who can join?

Not every one. You have to check out if you qualify. You have to submit an application form and see if you are accepted in the program. If you do, you know what benefits await you.

Get started by watching this video or visit the main site directly.

Don’t forget: **Online Class Starts Tuesday September 30 at 8:00am Central**


Are you making these Adwords mistakes?

I have planned to release several small guides and reports to cover the various aspects of Adwords in particular and Internet marketing in general. These will be concise reports (you can read them in less than 30 minutes) and easy to act upon (specific ideas covered in each).

Here is the first one – Are you making these Adwords mistakes? (PDF format, right-click and choose Save-as).

Your comments here will encourage me to release the future reports quicker and I can also make it more like how you prefer it. So please post your comments here.

Long Tail Keywords Convert Much Better

This is old news but needs to be retold umpteen times because we just tend to forget this and run after the high traffic words. While reviewing the site of a client, I noticed that while he is getting much more traffic from a single word keyword, the conversion rate of the more accurate long tail term is much higher. Here are the exact figures:

1. sunglasses – conversion rate – 0.71%

2. wholesale sunglasses – 3.42%

(That is 481.69% better).

Keep looking for the more accurate terms that describe your exact product offering and if you can match your landing page well, you can look forward to some excellent ROI.

Correcting Fatal Adwords Mistake Decreases CPC from $5.15 to $0.41

Fatal mistake: Setting the destination URL of your Adwords ads as your home page where the keyword you chose does not even appear!

Simple solution: Have the destination URL contain your targeted keyword a couple of times. Here’s how it works–

I was recently reviewing a new client’s Adwords campaign for locating improvement possibilities and realized that one ad group is costing him  $5.15 per click. Whoa! Sounded like too much for this keyword. On close inspection, I found that he is sending the visitors to the home page. What? No special landing page!

Wait, there’s more to this. When I visited that home page, I had another shock waiting for me. This page had absolutely no reference to the term he has targeted. But why would he do that? When I asked him, he replied: "This product is also called by this name in some countries."

After editing the home page copy to include a couple of references to this new term also, we saved the campaign and by the next day, we saw the cost-per-click drop to 41 cents. Yes, straight from $5.15 to 41 cents. Just because the destination page now became more relevant for this term.

Are you doing the same fatal mistake? Visit your Adwords campaign now to locate such moneysuckers and kill them.

Keywords Tool Saves You Tons of Money on Adwords – FREE To Use

Did you know that small changes in your keywords strategy at Adwords can save you tons of money? Adding some variations of your basic keywords to the list of keywords in your ad group can increase the focus of the ad group, reduce your cost per click and help you identify the terms which you should focus on. Let us understand this with an example:

Say you are advertising on adwords tool (keyword 1). Now if you add 2 more keywords – "adwords tool" (keyword 2) and [adwords tool] (keyword 3) to your keyword list, you will find that the matches have been segregated among the three.

When people search for the exact term – adwords tool, they are put under the keyword 3. Similarly when the terms adwords and tool appear in the exact order and next to each other (as in adwords tool download), they are put under the 2nd keyword. For all other terms like adwords improvement tool, the terms are matched with the keyword 1. This can get you more accurate statistics and a better CTR  for the exact match because those searchers will find your ads to be really relevant, lowering your cost per click.

Now if you are having several keywords in your ad group, you will find it very time consuming to create the 3 variations for each term. Don’t worry, you are welcome to use our FREE Adwords tool to create the variations for each term automatically with no effort. Just copy and paste the basic keywords list in the left column, tick on the required options and click on Generate. You will get the big list with all combos ready to copy-paste in your Adwords campaign.

Please leave a comment if you use it and like it or have suggestions for improvement. The tool does many more things which we will be discussing in the next few posts.

Adwords Expert Perry Marshall Launches Bobsled Run Adwords Training

While I work on providing more details, you should waste no more time and rush to see the full details of the Bobsled Run and sign-up as the program will be lauched today itself and you do not want to miss this unique training.

The large number of testimonials on the site speak for themselves – they can show the kind of results you can get much better than I can. Go there and have a look yourself.

Do you really need PPC Classroom training?

PPC Classroom - affiliate income toolsYou might have heard the buzz about the PPC Classroom training launched by Anik Singal and Jeremy Palmer and wondering if you really need this. Here are some important ideas to help you decide:

First, some reasons why you should NOT invest in this training:

  • You know it all. You feel that your knowledge is beyond all the experts and there is nothing new to learn.
  • You want to earn money without any investment even if that is mediocre.
  • You are happy to spend time reading various forums and free ebooks and are comfortable picking up the tips from here and there. After all your time costs nothing.

And now for the go-getters, here are some ideas that will help you appreciate the huge value that this course can provide you:

  • You know that PPC advertising is a very potent source of getting targeted visitors to your web site. The traffic flow can start in next to no time and you can be sure, the visitors will be highly qualified.
  • You know that PPC advertising, if done wrongly, can make you lose money really fast as the cost can pile up very quickly and if your message is not clear or you have untargetted landing pages, you can burn a hole in your pocket sooner than later.
  • You have seen fairly knowledgeable PPC experts admit that there is always room for improvement and they do not hesitate to invest in good tips that they can use to improve their campaigns. Why should you hesitate then?
  • You know very well that based on the costs involved in the ad campaigns, the investment made in the training can be recovered within hours, days or weeks but it continues to give benefits for years. So it is a no-brainer to not miss any new resource coming out, specially if it carries a decent guarantee.
  • You need to learn from the experts and Jeremy Palmer has already made his mark – he is himself running highly rewarding PPC campaigns with a great return on investment. Been there, done that!
  • You know that Anil Singal is well established with his Affiliate Classroom training and he knows how to pass on great marketing techniques in an easy to understand and quick to grasp manner.
  • You want to discover new and rewarding niches and want to learn the tricks to discover them easily.
  • You want to implement the conversion boosters that can sky-rocket the response rate (sales, sign-ups and lead-generation) from your ads and landing pages.

What is so speical about PPC Classroom?

Not only does this program give you all the ideas for running highly successful promotions, it provides you the tools to create these easily and run them with minimum botheration. After all, you don’t want to slog for your income. Do you?

But how much does it cost?

Of course you will decide after checking out the investment required for the PPC Classroom but tell me something. Would you rather invest a small sum on bare ideas or go the whole hog and get the best, specially if the investment can be recovered very quickly and then you can keep earning, improve your bottomline and start working towards your dream of financial freedom.

This investment is guaranteed to deliver – check out PPC Classroom for yourself and start improving your results.

PPC classroom - affiliate income tools

FREE Adwords Fast Start Kit


If you have been wanting to promote your site and offers using Adwords but have been worrying yourself to death whether you can do so efficiently, download this [Adwords fast start kit ->]. You will be way ahead of a majority of Adwords users.

Did I tell you that this guide is FREE and just 2 pages – good to read in 10 minutes.

Google Launches Website Optimizer

Google has launched the beta version of Website Optimizer, its experiment in landing page optimization with multi-variate testing.

This note from their site says it all:

We’re looking for Advertisers who want to test variations of marketing content on their landing pages to see which version results in increased conversions for their website. If landing page optimization is one of your company’s priorities, if you have a clearly defined goal (e.g. sign-up for a newsletter, checkout for purchase, or download of a whitepaper) on your website, and you can create and approve marketing content in a relatively short period of time, this beta test may be a good fit for you.

Naturally, this program is for existing Adwords advertisers only. They will suggest various sets of headline/copy/call-to-action etc and once you have implemented these, the results will give a hint about the set that is getting the best conversion.

If you are using Adwords regularly, it is worth trying it out and see what tricks Google has up its sleeves.

Note: Also read this useful article about getting better results from your web site with small changes.

Adsense Tracking Software – Which of Your Ads Are Getting Clicked?

Google provides precious little information about the search terms that brings people to your site and the ads that get clicked. And this information is priceless – it will let you reorganize your site to get the best ad (with the highest cost per click) in the right place.

But how do you get this crucial information without fiddling with the channels and other such things that all require lots of effort? Introducing Adsense Tracking software.

These software help you to identify the best placement, ad format, keywords and all the other key data that will empower you to maximize your revenue.

Check out all the features of Adsense Spy Tracker software

ProjectX: Should You Buy Another Affiliate Marketing Book?

If you have bought a few Affiliate marketing books, you must have noticed the pattern. Get a nice introduction promising a great lifestyle, discuss some tips rehashed from here and there, squeeze in references to some high priced products and bingo!

Aren’t you sick reading these sales letters disguised as informative ebooks? Well I am 🙂

When I bought Chris McNeeney’s Affiliate Project X, I was thinking “…must be another of those rehashed stuff and I will either dump it after one read or ask for a refund if it is really that useless. But the salesletter looked different and that made me give it a try at least.”

The book was quite compact at 50 pages and Chris made it clear that he was not going to explain what affiliate marketing was and all that. Good – who needs definitions anyway!

However soon I got hooked and decided that I might need to make lots of notes, so it is better that I printed the thing out. When I reached page 11, the ‘Leech’ method really drew me in. I have been doing this for sometime now but after reading his explanation, I realised how I was doing it all wrong. OK – so that is the reason I am getting only moderate results.

On to Method 2 on page 18: “The Affiliate diary” Yes this is the trick I am seeing all the new age marketers using. I want to implement this for myself but haven’t got around to doing this because I think it is going to take a lot of my time to set up. With Chris’s detailed instructions, I can see how to do this fast and strong. Another action point.

Hmmm – things are really hotting up. All those thoughts of a possible refund have evaporated and my mind is buzzing with action-plans.

Wait till you see the ‘Workhorse method‘ on page 27. Step-by-step guide – exactly what you should be doing to generate a long-term income on auto-pilot.

Then I got a nice chuckle – page 34 discusses “Thief in the Night” or… “how to steal from the super affiliates“. This is a short and quick mention – nothing very detailed here. But easily actionable.

On to method 5 – “Copy the best Part 2” on page 36. This is adapted from Chris’s Adwords Miracle (another great guide on getting success with Google Adwords) and talks about keyword research with the help of Keyword Elite.

Method 6: The “Opportunist” method – the newest products always convert best – specially if the product launch is massive. How can you get your share of the pie? Read this tip starting on page 39 and you will have light bulbs glowing.

And I haven’t even told you about the Part 3 which talks about “Advanced tricks of the affiliates“.

As you can see, I was pleasantly surprised to see so much content was covered in 50 pages and after reading the Affiliate ProjectX 2 times, jumped on to implement a few of them (in fact, this blog post is motivated by one of the techniques Chris discusses).

While I was taking a breather after having setup a new campaign, I thought it will be an injustice to not tell you about this. However if you don’t run to pick up the guide right away, others will be setting up the campaigns you should have and they will be raking in all the money while you read around and wonder what is causing your lack of success.

Want to grab a copy for yourself – why don’t you head over to Affiliate ProjectX right now? You can thank me later 🙂

The Death of Adsense: Scot Releases a Highly Controversial Report

Scot Boulch has released a highly controversial report and titled it “The Death of Adsense“. Now as an Adsense publisher and one who loves to blog about Adsense, I could not help but read it. Is he correct? Has Adsense really died?

I do agree that several people are reporting major downslides in their Adsense revenues – and this includes reputed Internet marketers who know Adsense inside out. What about you? Are you holding on or you have also been hit. Whichever way it won’t hurt to download and read this report – it contains no upsell.

The report is here.

Added: I tend to agree with Joel Comm, author of Adsense Secrets that those who are building scraper sites and sites with Traffic Equalizer, Directory Generator and other such software, are the hardest hit.