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Landing Page Should Fulfil the Promise of the Ad

Generally you make a promise in the ad. You offer some free ebook or whitepaper download. Or may be offer a 30 days free trial account. Whatever you offer, your landing page must fulfill this promise. And it should highlight this fact prominently.

If you don’t, your website visitor feels cheated and thinks you are indulging in bait and switch. The visitor will bail out as soon as possible costing you a lead. Not only that, Google thinks you have a poor landing page and slaps you with poor quality score resulting in higher cost per click.

If need be, you can create several landing pages, each with a different message that is in sync with the ad that brings him there.

This simple change is bound to increase your website’s performance by several notches. Try it.

Adwords for Mobile Websites and Web Apps

You might have noticed already that a growing number of people are now accessing the Internet from their mobile phones. They are searching for information about services, locating restaurants and hotels, checking weather and doing many other things.

If you want to reach these people with your sales message, consider using Adwords for mobiles. It is available right there, in your control panel in the content network section. You have the flexibility to really focus your campaign based on the type of devices, networks and location. This helps you to reach out to the relevant people only.

However you must be careful to avoid an important mistake made by most of the advertisers. When they create their ads for the mobile users, they send the clicks to a regular web page only. When the user clicks the ad, they land up on a web site that does not render well on their tiny screens and bail out, wasting your precious advertising dollars.

It is important to have a mobile version of the landing page so that the entire lead generation process can be completed on the mobile friendly screens only. The webile people design landing pages for mobiles – feel free to contact them if you want to get started with improving the response rates from your mobile ad campaigns.

Landing Page Friction to Control Lead Volume

When you use Adwords or any other PPC program for generating leads, form size plays a vital role in controlling your lead volume. I am often asked “Shall we have more fields or less in the lead generation form?” My answer is simple – “It depends”.

When you are just starting out and have few leads to handle and enough resources (callers, salespeople), you should strive to get as many leads as possible. Some leads will be junk, some will be borderline cases (need more work to convert) and some will be more qualified (sales-ready). However your sales team will be busy and they may even be able to convert some of the borderline cases resulting in higher sales.

In these situations, you should ask the bare minimum number of questions in the form to increase the form-completion rate.

However when you have got busier and do not want to waste your valuable and scarce sales resources on junk or less-probable leads, you should turn the dial a bit and ask for a few qualifying questions in the lead form, as is being done by this Atlanta Web design company. This will improve the lead quality as tire-kickers won’t bother to fill up your detailed forms. This will help the sales team to close more cases more quickly and will protect them from unduly following up the hardly interested prospects.

Long Tail Keywords Convert Much Better

This is old news but needs to be retold umpteen times because we just tend to forget this and run after the high traffic words. While reviewing the site of a client, I noticed that while he is getting much more traffic from a single word keyword, the conversion rate of the more accurate long tail term is much higher. Here are the exact figures:

1. sunglasses – conversion rate – 0.71%

2. wholesale sunglasses – 3.42%

(That is 481.69% better).

Keep looking for the more accurate terms that describe your exact product offering and if you can match your landing page well, you can look forward to some excellent ROI.

Correcting Fatal Adwords Mistake Decreases CPC from $5.15 to $0.41

Fatal mistake: Setting the destination URL of your Adwords ads as your home page where the keyword you chose does not even appear!

Simple solution: Have the destination URL contain your targeted keyword a couple of times. Here’s how it works–

I was recently reviewing a new client’s Adwords campaign for locating improvement possibilities and realized that one ad group is costing him  $5.15 per click. Whoa! Sounded like too much for this keyword. On close inspection, I found that he is sending the visitors to the home page. What? No special landing page!

Wait, there’s more to this. When I visited that home page, I had another shock waiting for me. This page had absolutely no reference to the term he has targeted. But why would he do that? When I asked him, he replied: "This product is also called by this name in some countries."

After editing the home page copy to include a couple of references to this new term also, we saved the campaign and by the next day, we saw the cost-per-click drop to 41 cents. Yes, straight from $5.15 to 41 cents. Just because the destination page now became more relevant for this term.

Are you doing the same fatal mistake? Visit your Adwords campaign now to locate such moneysuckers and kill them.

Landing Page Cash Machine – Better Results with Your Adwords Campaigns

Do you run Adwords campaigns to get targeted visitors to your website? How much money do you make per visitor? Did you know that you make much more money from every dollar spent on Adwords?

Landing Page Cash Machine by Mark WidawerMark Widawer is a qualified Adwords professional and manages Adwords campaign for several of his clients. He had achieved quite nice clickthrough rates and was wondering how to improve the profit from these campaigns even more. He got excellent results from Adwords but realized that the clients were not making much profit still. He turned his attention to the client web site. After analyzing these sites, he found that he could make small changes on the landing pages and improve the response rate so much that the client earns much more per dollar spent on the Adwords.

You see, when a prospect sees your ad, she builds certain expectations in her mind. After clicking, when she gets to see a continuation of the story, a fulfilment of the expectation, she keeps reading and may be accept your offer. However when there is a sharp transition, when she finds an entirely new pitch in the landing page or a plethora of distracting elements, she gets nervous and clicks away.

Yes you can do much better with your Adwords campaigns with these secrets. You can implement small changes in your landing pages and turn your website into an ATM – that spits out cold hard cash whenever visitors click on your ads.

Get the landing page cash machines secrets here.