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Tips and tools related to better usage of Google Adwords.

Landing Page Cash Machine – Better Results with Your Adwords Campaigns

Do you run Adwords campaigns to get targeted visitors to your website? How much money do you make per visitor? Did you know that you make much more money from every dollar spent on Adwords?

Landing Page Cash Machine by Mark WidawerMark Widawer is a qualified Adwords professional and manages Adwords campaign for several of his clients. He had achieved quite nice clickthrough rates and was wondering how to improve the profit from these campaigns even more. He got excellent results from Adwords but realized that the clients were not making much profit still. He turned his attention to the client web site. After analyzing these sites, he found that he could make small changes on the landing pages and improve the response rate so much that the client earns much more per dollar spent on the Adwords.

You see, when a prospect sees your ad, she builds certain expectations in her mind. After clicking, when she gets to see a continuation of the story, a fulfilment of the expectation, she keeps reading and may be accept your offer. However when there is a sharp transition, when she finds an entirely new pitch in the landing page or a plethora of distracting elements, she gets nervous and clicks away.

Yes you can do much better with your Adwords campaigns with these secrets. You can implement small changes in your landing pages and turn your website into an ATM – that spits out cold hard cash whenever visitors click on your ads.

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Different Ads For Different Keywords

A typical mistake which many Adwords advertisers make is to have a single ad group with all the keywords. They end up showing the same ad for all the keywords, thereby losing the keyword-message match and getting a poor clickthrough rate.

You should have only related terms in one ad group and ads that relate to this group of keywords. A different set of keywords relating to another aspect of your product belong to another ad group with ads describing that particular aspect.

Thus a web design company should put all Flash related terms in one group with a relevant message and .NET related keywords in another group with a related message. This will result in instant improvement of the clickthrough rate.

Don’t Direct Prospects To The Home Page

You should not direct all the prospects to the home page unless you have a single page home page selling your only product. They will not bother to search or locate the exact page where they will get what they are looking for. Take them direct to the main selling page for the product in question.

I have done this for a tea merchant whose website I manage. A click on any ad for the Darjeeling tea will take you directly to the page talking about Darjeeling tea, while a click on any ad related to the Assam tea will take you to the Assam tea page. This improves the stay-on-site time of the visitor and you can get more orders or enquiries.

Put Keywords In Your Ad Text

Several people fail to put the keywords in the ad text (the heading and the body text). This makes their ad highly subdued (because if you would have had put the keywords in there, these would have been highlighted). Also the searcher may feel that your ad is not relevant enough.

You must try to put the keywords and an active verb in the heading for maximum impact. Example – use Get Fresh Adwords Tips when your keywords are ‘adwords tips’. This gets the words ‘adwords tips’ highlighted and also indicates to the prospect that you offer what he/she is looking for, thereby improving the chance of a clickthrough.

Negative Matching Is Vital

Negative matching is vital to the success of your Adwords campaign and helps you cut down the cost and eliminate uninterested clickers to a great extent.

But first – what is negative matching? This the process of specifying the terms that, if present in the search term, do not let your ad to be shown.

Say you are offering an ebook on ‘How to break 80 in golf‘. Now you may advertise on keywords like ‘lowering golf score’, ‘guide lower golf score’ etc. Some people who are looking for a free guide to lower their golf score, will also click on your Adwords ad and then not buy because they have to invest some money for getting this guide. You don’t want these freebie seekers clicking on your ads and costing you money.

So you include the term “free” in the negative matching terms by adding “-free” to the list of keywords. Now if the term ‘free’ is there in the search term, your ad will not be displayed. Your ad will be shown if one searches for ‘lower golf score guide’ but not if one searches for ‘lower golf score free guide’.

This tip can save you lots of dollars on unproductive clicks and you must be on a lookout for terms that are related to your main search term but do not apply to you.

Adwords Mistakes – Using Generic Terms

With this post, we are begining a series of tips on avoiding some crucial Adwords mistakes that can hamper your Adwords performance. If you don’t avoid these, you will spend money without getting a decent profit to show for your campign.

Tip: Don’t use generic terms in your campaigns.

Don’t advertise on the term ‘generators’ unless you have got tons of money to burn. You would do much better to use long tail terms like ‘Honda generator 1800’ where you can have a specific message to appeal to the person looking for this exact term. The clickthrough rate will be much higher in such cases helping you to bring down advertising cost as well as expect a highly focussed visitor.

Marketing Makeover For Improved Adwords Results

Your Adwords results vastly depend on what you put on your landing pages? Internet marketers have realized long back that if a web site visitor won’t give you his name and email address, he will not buy from you. It requires up to 7 contacts for a prospect to become a customer and if you are not capturing the visitor’s name and address for later follow-ups, you are leaving lots of money on the table.

While the rare visitor may buy your stuff in the first exposure, most of them are not yet ready. You can increase your sales multi-fold by creating a suitable name-squeeze page as your landing page. Armand Morin, Alex Mandossian and Rick Raddatz, 3 reputed marketers have come together to launch Marketing Makeover Generator, an easy software that helps you generate several site improvement features for greater response to your offers. It is a powerful suite at a very reasonable investment.

For a limited time, you can try marketing makeover magic for $1 only.

Adwords Minimum Bid Is Not $0.01 As You Might Think

Adwords Crew today clarified on their Google Adwords blog that the minimum bid is not necessarily $0.01 as many advertisers might be tempted to think.

I quote from the site –

It’s worth noting that every keyword has a minimum bid that is unique to how successfully that word has been used in an advertiser’s particular account. So the minimum bid for the keyword ‘Kansas City BBQ sauce’ will be different in your account than in your next door neighbor’s account, who happens to be using the same keyword.

Key learning Point
You should put similar keywords in a group (like variations of a basic keywords for which you want to run a single ad) and dissimilar keywords (say another feature of the product or another benefit of your service) in a separate group. See this rough example –

Your company offers web hosting and web design services and you advertise for “web hosting company” and “web design company”. Then you should have one group with these keywords – web hosting company, good web hosting company, web hosting cityname and like.

These keywords should go in another Ad group – web design company, good web design company, web designing cityname and like. This will improve the keywords’ performance and lower your overall CPC.

Keyword Explosion Introduces The Biggest List For Adwords and Adsense Keyword Research

Keyword Research for both PPC campaigns and building sites for monetizing with Adsense can really benefit with a big keyword list. But what are the important criteria for a good list and does Keyword Explosion meet them?

Jonathan Leger, an Internet marketer and programmer, recently introduced Keyword Explosion with 2.1 million keywords. Now there are several Adsense lists on the market and what’s so special about this list. Jonathan claims it to be the biggest list of keywords for Adsense or Adwords.

While many other lists are based on Overture figures, which are not considered an accurate indicator of the demand because of the large number of automated queries, Keyword Explosion lists are based on Google Adwords figures. Amazing – I just wonder how on earth did he manage to collect demand and bid prices for 2.1 million keyword combinations.

While these lists are quite useful for market research whether you are advertising with Adwords or building content sites for monetizing with Adsense, there are several factors that you must keep in mind while choosing your keyword list.

The primary factors that make a keyword research list worthwhile are –

1. Exhaustive coverage – different people have interests in different fields. So the list must have lots of keywords from different markets to satisfy all these different people.

2. Bid price – it is important to have the bid price on Google as most of the users will like to use Adwords while advertising and Adsense while monetizing.

3. Search volume – terms with $1 per click and high search volumes in excess of 1000 searches per day can make you more money than terms with $50 per click but only 1-2 searches a day. Again the search volume on Google is more important than that on Overture, which most of such lists report.

Keyword Explosion meets all these conditions pretty well. This contains more than 2.1 million keywords categorized in various ways. There are 5 different lists based on different perspectives so that you can choose your niche easily, locate all the terms related to that market and build your site or advertising campaign around that.

The 2-term and 3-term lists are particularly interesting to Adsense marketers as these terms are easier to rank for and provide higher pay out per term than the broad 1-term keyword.

When I suggest my clients to create web sites or blogs for earning money with Adsense, I always tell them to concentrate on tightly focussed niche areas that cover a small section of a big market with a good search volume and a decent pay out. Keyword Explosion lists really come in very handy for this research.

Jonathan claims that the extensive coverage of the keywords makes it good value for money and customers should be able to recover their investment within a few days. He also offers 100% money back guarantee if you do not find the list to be useful for any reason whatsoever.

If you are planning to build a content-filled site to monetize with Adsense and want to locate some high paying terms for your topic, take a look at Keyword Explosion. May be your Adsense cheques will explode too!

Adwords Dominator Launched

Chris Lee and Goran Nagy of Keywords Analyzer fame have launched Adwords Dominator, a desktop based Google Adwords management tool.

This desktop software uses Adwords API to interact with the Adwords back-end and shows all the characteristics ofyour Adwords campaigns in a single-screen interface. It works on a download, update and upload mode.

You can add new campaigns and ad groups, perform global search and replace across all campaigns – even find duplicate keywords in a flash. The global editing feature alone can be a huge time-saver.

There is extensive charting included and itshows the key parameters of your campaign in a graphical way. Chris has introduced a new term – Adwords Efficiency Indicator which takes into account the price per click, clickthrough rate and average position. All these factors combine to indicate whether your campaign is producing better or worse results – as a trend.

Check out Adwords Dominator at a special pre-release price.