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Make money with Adsense – easier and quicker – with these tips and tools.

Adsense Tracking Software – Which of Your Ads Are Getting Clicked?

Google provides precious little information about the search terms that brings people to your site and the ads that get clicked. And this information is priceless – it will let you reorganize your site to get the best ad (with the highest cost per click) in the right place.

But how do you get this crucial information without fiddling with the channels and other such things that all require lots of effort? Introducing Adsense Tracking software.

These software help you to identify the best placement, ad format, keywords and all the other key data that will empower you to maximize your revenue.

Check out all the features of Adsense Spy Tracker software

ProjectX: Should You Buy Another Affiliate Marketing Book?

If you have bought a few Affiliate marketing books, you must have noticed the pattern. Get a nice introduction promising a great lifestyle, discuss some tips rehashed from here and there, squeeze in references to some high priced products and bingo!

Aren’t you sick reading these sales letters disguised as informative ebooks? Well I am 🙂

When I bought Chris McNeeney’s Affiliate Project X, I was thinking “…must be another of those rehashed stuff and I will either dump it after one read or ask for a refund if it is really that useless. But the salesletter looked different and that made me give it a try at least.”

The book was quite compact at 50 pages and Chris made it clear that he was not going to explain what affiliate marketing was and all that. Good – who needs definitions anyway!

However soon I got hooked and decided that I might need to make lots of notes, so it is better that I printed the thing out. When I reached page 11, the ‘Leech’ method really drew me in. I have been doing this for sometime now but after reading his explanation, I realised how I was doing it all wrong. OK – so that is the reason I am getting only moderate results.

On to Method 2 on page 18: “The Affiliate diary” Yes this is the trick I am seeing all the new age marketers using. I want to implement this for myself but haven’t got around to doing this because I think it is going to take a lot of my time to set up. With Chris’s detailed instructions, I can see how to do this fast and strong. Another action point.

Hmmm – things are really hotting up. All those thoughts of a possible refund have evaporated and my mind is buzzing with action-plans.

Wait till you see the ‘Workhorse method‘ on page 27. Step-by-step guide – exactly what you should be doing to generate a long-term income on auto-pilot.

Then I got a nice chuckle – page 34 discusses “Thief in the Night” or… “how to steal from the super affiliates“. This is a short and quick mention – nothing very detailed here. But easily actionable.

On to method 5 – “Copy the best Part 2” on page 36. This is adapted from Chris’s Adwords Miracle (another great guide on getting success with Google Adwords) and talks about keyword research with the help of Keyword Elite.

Method 6: The “Opportunist” method – the newest products always convert best – specially if the product launch is massive. How can you get your share of the pie? Read this tip starting on page 39 and you will have light bulbs glowing.

And I haven’t even told you about the Part 3 which talks about “Advanced tricks of the affiliates“.

As you can see, I was pleasantly surprised to see so much content was covered in 50 pages and after reading the Affiliate ProjectX 2 times, jumped on to implement a few of them (in fact, this blog post is motivated by one of the techniques Chris discusses).

While I was taking a breather after having setup a new campaign, I thought it will be an injustice to not tell you about this. However if you don’t run to pick up the guide right away, others will be setting up the campaigns you should have and they will be raking in all the money while you read around and wonder what is causing your lack of success.

Want to grab a copy for yourself – why don’t you head over to Affiliate ProjectX right now? You can thank me later 🙂

The Death of Adsense: Scot Releases a Highly Controversial Report

Scot Boulch has released a highly controversial report and titled it “The Death of Adsense“. Now as an Adsense publisher and one who loves to blog about Adsense, I could not help but read it. Is he correct? Has Adsense really died?

I do agree that several people are reporting major downslides in their Adsense revenues – and this includes reputed Internet marketers who know Adsense inside out. What about you? Are you holding on or you have also been hit. Whichever way it won’t hurt to download and read this report – it contains no upsell.

The report is here.

Added: I tend to agree with Joel Comm, author of Adsense Secrets that those who are building scraper sites and sites with Traffic Equalizer, Directory Generator and other such software, are the hardest hit.

Joel Comm Launches The Adsense Game To Teach How To Make Money Online

Joel Comm, author of The Adsense Secrets book has released an online game that teaches people how to make money online with Adsense.

You can create a hypothetical website on one of the many topics offered. Then choose the hosting method, the promotion options, the ad layout and some other parameters. After your site is ready, you can sit back and watch how your site is making money. You can also change the various parameters to see the impact on the income potential.

This will give you a good insight of how your income can depend on different factors related to your money-making site. Naturally nothing is guaranteed as this is a simulation game only 😉

Buy A Tag At

Have an Adsense site? Want to drive traffic to it? Here is a simple and interesting way-

Choose a relevant tag at, buy it and make it point to your site. Soon anyone who clicks on this tag will be checking out your site. You will also get the benefit of a keyword rich link in your search engine ranking efforts.

Or make this tag point to your affiliate link for your favorite affiliate program if you don’t have a site and want to earn some affiliate income.

Update: We have now launched the script to launch such sites yourself. If you have a niche subject that you have great interest in and have a responsive list, you must immediately check out Word Cloud site building software.

Adsense Revenue Exposed

If you have a content site, you can make a nice chunk of money running Google Adsense ads on this site. But how do you get started? What are the secrets to do a great job running Adsense ads on your site? What are the pitfalls? How can you maximize your earnings?

All these are explained in a very simple manner in our new release – “Adsense Revenue Exposed“. Here’s how you can get the best out of this book —

1. Read the entire book in one session (should take less than 1 hour).

2. Then study the chapters one by one again implementing the ideas on your site at the same time. This way you can start seeing the improvements in the results while you go.

Don’t forget – testing is the most vital ingredient of success. Some ideas may produce much higher improvement in your results than others. But overall you will be earning much more money from your site – for sure.

Get Adsense Revenue Exposed at a special introductory price here.

Adsense Videos – Watch, Apply, Earn

How are you doing with your Adsense sites? Would you prefer to keep building new junk sites and hope that Google and Yahoo do not ban and kick them out of their index or you want to employ powerful techniques that take your Adsense income to the next level?

Would you like to read lengthy PDFs and hope that you understood the instructions and are applying the right thing at the right place or rather watch kick-butt videos that demonstrate high impact and wildly profitable Adsense techniques so that you don’t need to guess a thing?

Go check out Michael’s AdSense Videos, apply these effective changes to your sites and watch your Adsense income counter spin into the high gear. You owe it to yourself to earn more your Adsense sites.

Leading Internet marketers like Joel Comm, Neil Shearing, Peter Twist, Ewen Chia are going ga-ga over these videos. The videos have to be very powerful for these guys to put their stamp on them.

Don’t lose out! These Adsense videos contain the roadmap to explosive Adsense incomes.

Neil Shearing Bares Insider Rollout Secrets

You might remember Neil Shearing, author of the cool ‘make auto-pilot money with Adsense’ guide, Auto Income Secrets. He ramped up $253,603.47 in sales of this ebook and other related stuff from that promotion.

Neil is now baring the product launch techniques he used to generate these awesome figures without selling expensive physical products. He has outlined the complete step-by-step launch steps and success report in his new ebook, Insider Rollout Secrets.

These are the same powerful techniques and strategies, which he used to generate enormous sales for his Adsense ebook. How he planned JVs, how he got the affiliates drooling over his product, how he used the power of 7 and 70 to get the prospective customers to buy now and much more.

Funnily Neil says, “You know what’s amusing? When you consult your own Rollout ebook during the launch of your own Rollout ebook! 🙂 ”

Using one of the tips from his own book, Neil is offering a $10 introductory discount on orders for the first few days only, so check it out and grab your copy today to save ten bucks!

There are fancy $997 courses in the market and some of them are excellent value for the money. But if you can’t afford to buy them like me, this book will help you reach the level where you can go up the money ladder and garner enough courage to learn the more advanced tips by watching DVDs. Until them, buy this handy-dandy guide and start your money-making journey. Your product launch will get a new zing!

Get it now – get it here –
Insider Rollout Secrets by Neil Shearing

Adsense Exchanges – Stay Far Away – Warning!

I just learnt about some Adsense exchanges where you can pay a monthly fee and all the members click on each other’s ads for increased Adsense earnings! Do not join any such thing as this is certain to get you banned from the Adsense program. You may see increased earnings for a few days or months and then poof! You are out with all earnings not yet paid, frozen.

These illegal methods are not what you adopt to increase your earnings. If you want to earn more, create good content filled sites with some nice SEO. You can use the tips for optimising the Adsense ads that we have given in this blog. Play fair and you will earn for long!

Top Keyword Data – Jeff Alderson Joins The Keyword Database Gang

Smart people have realised that Adsense success comes with intelligent selection of keywords around which to build their content sites. Proper keywords can cause your daily income from Adsense to jump from few cents a day to hundreds of dollars a day.

And to fill this need, smart marketers are releasing keywords databases with a varying number of keywords and features. Jeff Alderson has joined hands with Rod Beckwith to release his own collection – Top Keyword Data.

Jeff claims to have 132,540 keywords in his list of “top keyword data”. He also offers extra information about each keyword so that you can have a feel about its market potential and decide the terms that you want to work with.

The feature that I like most is not in the main software though. Jeff is bundling a misspelled keywords software that helps you identify several misspelled variations of the main keyword. It will be quite easy to rank for these terms and get your cash register ringing – Ka-ching! You see, even if you build a great site around popular keywords that have high CPC, you will take some time to start ranking for those terms. Meanwhile you can start getting your first few visitors through these misspelled terms.

You can even advertise on these terms at low cost and exploit keyword arbitrage to get clicks on your high value ads.

Checkout Top Keyword Data here.

Adsense Ready Offers 150 Ready Sites Under $100

Several people must have told you that you can achieve a nice Adsense income by setting up a large number of sites on various topics. However the main problem with this approach is “how to locate the various keywords” and “how to develop reasonable content” for these keywords. AdsenseReady claims to offer an elegant solution. This idea is working because they have already shot to the top of their category in Clickbank marketplace.

They are offering 150 ready sites with Adsense code built in. Naturally the content is not very high in quality but because it is based on RSS Feeds, it is ever-changing and stays fresh to a large degree. However if you decide to jump in and grab this offer, I will like to suggest you to take some precautions–

1. Do not upload the ‘Adsense Ready’ sites as it is. Try to make random changes here and there so that your copies can become unique.

2. I will strongly recommend you to add a paragraph of summary of the content on each page. This really makes your pages unique in reference to all the other copies.

3. Do not crosslink each site to all the other sites. In fact, I will make several sets with 5-10 sites in each set.

4. I will like to distribute at least one article on each topic through various online article directories with link back to the home page of this site. This will generate some unique one way links to the site and decrease the ratio of incoming links from the network to the external links.

5. I will study the traffic stats for the sites after, say 15 days of getting live. I will also analyze the Adsense income from these sites and concentrate on adding more unique content to the sites that have started getting at least some traffic and income. This will increase the probability of higher traffic and income from these sites. I will review these sites in the same fashion after every 15 or 30 days and then repeat this “push the promising sites” idea.

6. I will create new solid content sites for all the sites that have started generating good income. If mass produced sites are getting a nice income, imagine how much more you can earn with great and unique content.

Remember the key to success after you have bought the Adsense Ready package is to tweak the sites to make them unique and really useful with as much new content as possible. You have already got a structured site. Now adapt from that and stand out. Success will be yours!

Keyword Explosion Introduces The Biggest List For Adwords and Adsense Keyword Research

Keyword Research for both PPC campaigns and building sites for monetizing with Adsense can really benefit with a big keyword list. But what are the important criteria for a good list and does Keyword Explosion meet them?

Jonathan Leger, an Internet marketer and programmer, recently introduced Keyword Explosion with 2.1 million keywords. Now there are several Adsense lists on the market and what’s so special about this list. Jonathan claims it to be the biggest list of keywords for Adsense or Adwords.

While many other lists are based on Overture figures, which are not considered an accurate indicator of the demand because of the large number of automated queries, Keyword Explosion lists are based on Google Adwords figures. Amazing – I just wonder how on earth did he manage to collect demand and bid prices for 2.1 million keyword combinations.

While these lists are quite useful for market research whether you are advertising with Adwords or building content sites for monetizing with Adsense, there are several factors that you must keep in mind while choosing your keyword list.

The primary factors that make a keyword research list worthwhile are –

1. Exhaustive coverage – different people have interests in different fields. So the list must have lots of keywords from different markets to satisfy all these different people.

2. Bid price – it is important to have the bid price on Google as most of the users will like to use Adwords while advertising and Adsense while monetizing.

3. Search volume – terms with $1 per click and high search volumes in excess of 1000 searches per day can make you more money than terms with $50 per click but only 1-2 searches a day. Again the search volume on Google is more important than that on Overture, which most of such lists report.

Keyword Explosion meets all these conditions pretty well. This contains more than 2.1 million keywords categorized in various ways. There are 5 different lists based on different perspectives so that you can choose your niche easily, locate all the terms related to that market and build your site or advertising campaign around that.

The 2-term and 3-term lists are particularly interesting to Adsense marketers as these terms are easier to rank for and provide higher pay out per term than the broad 1-term keyword.

When I suggest my clients to create web sites or blogs for earning money with Adsense, I always tell them to concentrate on tightly focussed niche areas that cover a small section of a big market with a good search volume and a decent pay out. Keyword Explosion lists really come in very handy for this research.

Jonathan claims that the extensive coverage of the keywords makes it good value for money and customers should be able to recover their investment within a few days. He also offers 100% money back guarantee if you do not find the list to be useful for any reason whatsoever.

If you are planning to build a content-filled site to monetize with Adsense and want to locate some high paying terms for your topic, take a look at Keyword Explosion. May be your Adsense cheques will explode too!