Negative Matching Is Vital

Negative matching is vital to the success of your Adwords campaign and helps you cut down the cost and eliminate uninterested clickers to a great extent.

But first – what is negative matching? This the process of specifying the terms that, if present in the search term, do not let your ad to be shown.

Say you are offering an ebook on ‘How to break 80 in golf‘. Now you may advertise on keywords like ‘lowering golf score’, ‘guide lower golf score’ etc. Some people who are looking for a free guide to lower their golf score, will also click on your Adwords ad and then not buy because they have to invest some money for getting this guide. You don’t want these freebie seekers clicking on your ads and costing you money.

So you include the term “free” in the negative matching terms by adding “-free” to the list of keywords. Now if the term ‘free’ is there in the search term, your ad will not be displayed. Your ad will be shown if one searches for ‘lower golf score guide’ but not if one searches for ‘lower golf score free guide’.

This tip can save you lots of dollars on unproductive clicks and you must be on a lookout for terms that are related to your main search term but do not apply to you.