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Neil Shearing Bares Insider Rollout Secrets

You might remember Neil Shearing, author of the cool ‘make auto-pilot money with Adsense’ guide, Auto Income Secrets. He ramped up $253,603.47 in sales of this ebook and other related stuff from that promotion.

Neil is now baring the product launch techniques he used to generate these awesome figures without selling expensive physical products. He has outlined the complete step-by-step launch steps and success report in his new ebook, Insider Rollout Secrets.

These are the same powerful techniques and strategies, which he used to generate enormous sales for his Adsense ebook. How he planned JVs, how he got the affiliates drooling over his product, how he used the power of 7 and 70 to get the prospective customers to buy now and much more.

Funnily Neil says, “You know what’s amusing? When you consult your own Rollout ebook during the launch of your own Rollout ebook! 🙂 ”

Using one of the tips from his own book, Neil is offering a $10 introductory discount on orders for the first few days only, so check it out and grab your copy today to save ten bucks!

There are fancy $997 courses in the market and some of them are excellent value for the money. But if you can’t afford to buy them like me, this book will help you reach the level where you can go up the money ladder and garner enough courage to learn the more advanced tips by watching DVDs. Until them, buy this handy-dandy guide and start your money-making journey. Your product launch will get a new zing!

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Insider Rollout Secrets by Neil Shearing