Top Keyword Data – Jeff Alderson Joins The Keyword Database Gang

Smart people have realised that Adsense success comes with intelligent selection of keywords around which to build their content sites. Proper keywords can cause your daily income from Adsense to jump from few cents a day to hundreds of dollars a day.

And to fill this need, smart marketers are releasing keywords databases with a varying number of keywords and features. Jeff Alderson has joined hands with Rod Beckwith to release his own collection – Top Keyword Data.

Jeff claims to have 132,540 keywords in his list of “top keyword data”. He also offers extra information about each keyword so that you can have a feel about its market potential and decide the terms that you want to work with.

The feature that I like most is not in the main software though. Jeff is bundling a misspelled keywords software that helps you identify several misspelled variations of the main keyword. It will be quite easy to rank for these terms and get your cash register ringing – Ka-ching! You see, even if you build a great site around popular keywords that have high CPC, you will take some time to start ranking for those terms. Meanwhile you can start getting your first few visitors through these misspelled terms.

You can even advertise on these terms at low cost and exploit keyword arbitrage to get clicks on your high value ads.

Checkout Top Keyword Data here.