Marketing Makeover For Improved Adwords Results

Your Adwords results vastly depend on what you put on your landing pages? Internet marketers have realized long back that if a web site visitor won’t give you his name and email address, he will not buy from you. It requires up to 7 contacts for a prospect to become a customer and if you are not capturing the visitor’s name and address for later follow-ups, you are leaving lots of money on the table.

While the rare visitor may buy your stuff in the first exposure, most of them are not yet ready. You can increase your sales multi-fold by creating a suitable name-squeeze page as your landing page. Armand Morin, Alex Mandossian and Rick Raddatz, 3 reputed marketers have come together to launch Marketing Makeover Generator, an easy software that helps you generate several site improvement features for greater response to your offers. It is a powerful suite at a very reasonable investment.

For a limited time, you can try marketing makeover magic for $1 only.