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Adsense Exchanges – Stay Far Away – Warning!

I just learnt about some Adsense exchanges where you can pay a monthly fee and all the members click on each other’s ads for increased Adsense earnings! Do not join any such thing as this is certain to get you banned from the Adsense program. You may see increased earnings for a few days or months and then poof! You are out with all earnings not yet paid, frozen.

These illegal methods are not what you adopt to increase your earnings. If you want to earn more, create good content filled sites with some nice SEO. You can use the tips for optimising the Adsense ads that we have given in this blog. Play fair and you will earn for long!

Marketing Makeover For Improved Adwords Results

Your Adwords results vastly depend on what you put on your landing pages? Internet marketers have realized long back that if a web site visitor won’t give you his name and email address, he will not buy from you. It requires up to 7 contacts for a prospect to become a customer and if you are not capturing the visitor’s name and address for later follow-ups, you are leaving lots of money on the table.

While the rare visitor may buy your stuff in the first exposure, most of them are not yet ready. You can increase your sales multi-fold by creating a suitable name-squeeze page as your landing page. Armand Morin, Alex Mandossian and Rick Raddatz, 3 reputed marketers have come together to launch Marketing Makeover Generator, an easy software that helps you generate several site improvement features for greater response to your offers. It is a powerful suite at a very reasonable investment.

For a limited time, you can try marketing makeover magic for $1 only.

Top Keyword Data – Jeff Alderson Joins The Keyword Database Gang

Smart people have realised that Adsense success comes with intelligent selection of keywords around which to build their content sites. Proper keywords can cause your daily income from Adsense to jump from few cents a day to hundreds of dollars a day.

And to fill this need, smart marketers are releasing keywords databases with a varying number of keywords and features. Jeff Alderson has joined hands with Rod Beckwith to release his own collection – Top Keyword Data.

Jeff claims to have 132,540 keywords in his list of “top keyword data”. He also offers extra information about each keyword so that you can have a feel about its market potential and decide the terms that you want to work with.

The feature that I like most is not in the main software though. Jeff is bundling a misspelled keywords software that helps you identify several misspelled variations of the main keyword. It will be quite easy to rank for these terms and get your cash register ringing – Ka-ching! You see, even if you build a great site around popular keywords that have high CPC, you will take some time to start ranking for those terms. Meanwhile you can start getting your first few visitors through these misspelled terms.

You can even advertise on these terms at low cost and exploit keyword arbitrage to get clicks on your high value ads.

Checkout Top Keyword Data here.

Adwords Minimum Bid Is Not $0.01 As You Might Think

Adwords Crew today clarified on their Google Adwords blog that the minimum bid is not necessarily $0.01 as many advertisers might be tempted to think.

I quote from the site –

It’s worth noting that every keyword has a minimum bid that is unique to how successfully that word has been used in an advertiser’s particular account. So the minimum bid for the keyword ‘Kansas City BBQ sauce’ will be different in your account than in your next door neighbor’s account, who happens to be using the same keyword.

Key learning Point
You should put similar keywords in a group (like variations of a basic keywords for which you want to run a single ad) and dissimilar keywords (say another feature of the product or another benefit of your service) in a separate group. See this rough example –

Your company offers web hosting and web design services and you advertise for “web hosting company” and “web design company”. Then you should have one group with these keywords – web hosting company, good web hosting company, web hosting cityname and like.

These keywords should go in another Ad group – web design company, good web design company, web designing cityname and like. This will improve the keywords’ performance and lower your overall CPC.