Adsense Ready Offers 150 Ready Sites Under $100

Several people must have told you that you can achieve a nice Adsense income by setting up a large number of sites on various topics. However the main problem with this approach is “how to locate the various keywords” and “how to develop reasonable content” for these keywords. AdsenseReady claims to offer an elegant solution. This idea is working because they have already shot to the top of their category in Clickbank marketplace.

They are offering 150 ready sites with Adsense code built in. Naturally the content is not very high in quality but because it is based on RSS Feeds, it is ever-changing and stays fresh to a large degree. However if you decide to jump in and grab this offer, I will like to suggest you to take some precautions–

1. Do not upload the ‘Adsense Ready’ sites as it is. Try to make random changes here and there so that your copies can become unique.

2. I will strongly recommend you to add a paragraph of summary of the content on each page. This really makes your pages unique in reference to all the other copies.

3. Do not crosslink each site to all the other sites. In fact, I will make several sets with 5-10 sites in each set.

4. I will like to distribute at least one article on each topic through various online article directories with link back to the home page of this site. This will generate some unique one way links to the site and decrease the ratio of incoming links from the network to the external links.

5. I will study the traffic stats for the sites after, say 15 days of getting live. I will also analyze the Adsense income from these sites and concentrate on adding more unique content to the sites that have started getting at least some traffic and income. This will increase the probability of higher traffic and income from these sites. I will review these sites in the same fashion after every 15 or 30 days and then repeat this “push the promising sites” idea.

6. I will create new solid content sites for all the sites that have started generating good income. If mass produced sites are getting a nice income, imagine how much more you can earn with great and unique content.

Remember the key to success after you have bought the Adsense Ready package is to tweak the sites to make them unique and really useful with as much new content as possible. You have already got a structured site. Now adapt from that and stand out. Success will be yours!